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Polishing up your skills: how to write college essays in only 4 steps

College essays are very important piece of writing. They are usually known as admission essays. The purpose of a college essay is to help the student secure admission in a specified college or university. The essay needs to be written with honesty. The admission officers get to read hundreds of essays on a regular basis. You have to make your essay stand out by staying real and honest. College essays tend to be very lengthy and students usually find it hard to complete them.

4 easy steps to a college essay

  • Plan your essay
  • Before you start writing your college essay, list down all the important events and things that you want to include. State how you would be a good addition to the batch and why you should be given an opportunity to study in that college. Don’t add too much of heroic details about yourself. The admission officers are not in for an adventure. They want to select real people.

  • Write the first draft
  • Begin by writing a rough sketch of the paper. It is okay to make spell errors and other mistakes here. You can use shortcuts and abbreviations in the first draft. It is just the rough sketch of your essay. You write whatever comes to your mind in this step. Do not stop and think if it is relevant or not, that can be done in the next phase.

  • Refine your essay
  • After you have completed your first draft of the essay, you can then move to the next phase. This is where you read and re-read your essay thoroughly and see what elements are unnecessary and should be removed. If there is a repetition or a need to add anything, you can do that here. Correct all the spelling mistakes in the refined version. Another important thing to check in this phase is the order of the essay. You need to see if you included the events in the right order or not.

  • Proof read your college essay
  • After you have written the refined version, the next step is to proof read your essay for any mistakes or grammatical errors. You can always get a neutral opinion from a friend or a colleague about your essay. They will give you an unbiased advice about the essay.

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