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How To Write A Descriptive Essay Without A Hitch: Free Hints For Students

No matter how old you are, writing a descriptive essay can scare the life out of you, particularly if you are more technically minded than creative. The very word “descriptive” just conjures up streams of adjectives and adverbs and it is very easy to feel lost. However, as with any form of essay writing there is a key to it and once you have that key you should never struggle with your descriptive writing again.

Ready to get started? Here’re my free hints for students on how to write a descriptive piece without a hitch.

Write about what you know

You might think that it is the worst kind of cliché, but writing about what you know is really the easiest way to haul yourself through a paper of this nature. By writing about what you know you will already be a comfort zone and have a sense of familiarity that simply wouldn’t have been possible if you were say writing about something totally alien to you. I am not suggesting that you give away intimate or personal secrets, you can write about something as bland as a trip to the shops. However, so long as you are familiar with the process involved then it should be relatively easy to describe it.

Write about something that triggers emotion in you

It doesn’t matter if that emotion is good, or bad. Anything that prompts an emotional reaction from you is a brilliant subject to write about. Clearly, you will need to ensure that you don’t get too carried away, and personal rants about ex-partners are not to be advised. However, in general emotion is good.

Write a full outline

This is your opportunity to vent; to offload. Don’t concern yourself at this stage with technical perfection. Your sole aim is to get the basic premise of your argument down onto paper. So, ensure that your outline has a clear beginning, middle and end. Ensure that you describe, the scene, situation, object as clearly as possible.

Revise it

I am always disappointed by the fact that so many essays end up getting a mediocre grade when in reality they could have been brilliant if the student had taken the time to fully revise them and polish them. Yes, it is time-consuming but like it or not it is an essential part of the task.

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