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5 Ideas For Students: Selecting Classification Essay Topics

Writing a classification essay requires more than just penning down certain hundred words. This type of paper focuses on dividing a certain subject into categories and then talking about each category in detail. You have to organize things in divisions and sub divisions and tackle each category in a body paragraph or so. For example, if you are to write a paper about types of pollution, you can discuss the major types and then explain each of them in separate body paragraphs. It is important to remember that each body paragraph in your essay has to be unique in content and idea. You cannot discuss the same category in more than one paragraph or discuss more than one category in the same paragraph. You have to define the categories in the beginning of your paper so that it is clear to your reader while reading your paper.

Choosing a strong topic for a classification assignment is essential in order to score well in the paper. The title of your paper should define the scope and give flexibility for the rest of your assignment. If you are to talk about classification and discuss the categories in the body then your title should suggest so. You cannot create an effective essay unless the topic allows space for it. The most important thing to remember while writing your essay is to have uniformity between the title, introduction, body, and the conclusion.

The process of topic selection is critical because this will decide the first impression of your paper. The audience decides whether to continue with your assignment or not by looking at your title. If you are having a hard time choosing the right topic for your paper, then you should consider following a gradual method. This process will help you choose a good topic that is viable for a classification essay as well as has the ability to engage your audience

  1. Understand the subject
  2. The first thing you need is to develop an understanding of the subject you have to address. You need to see which categories you can make out of it and how you will make them

  3. Choose a potential niche
  4. Find an area to address in your essay

  5. Brainstorm for ideas
  6. Trigger fresh ideas through brainstorming

  7. Eliminate the ones you do not need
  8. Delete irrelevant and redundant ideas

  9. Create a final topic
  10. Choose your final title

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