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How To Make Your US History Essay Stand Out: A Brief Guide

US history is colored with many great victories, tragedies and monumental blunders. Despite its troubled history, the country has grown to establish itself as one of the largest nations, worldwide, making its history well worth a read. One of the most exciting times during US history may have been the days known as the wild west. When writing an essay on US history, there are many angles you could take, all of which have the potential to create a good story. One thing you should consider is your familiarity or interest in any particular aspect of US history, and use this to guide your choice of topic. The following short points will provide you with a brief guide to help make your essay on US history stand out:

  1. Select an exciting topic
  2. Stage one of any writing project is usually the selection of the topic and it is an important stage. Always make sure to select a topic that you will enjoy working with and in this case, select a popular or exciting one, this will help you attract the attention of readers.

  3. Develop a theme for your story
  4. While stories should contain exciting events and details, humans also require them to have a deep meaning, underneath the facts. Finding ways of including a theme in your papers could add more interest in your story, making it more likely to be remembered.

  5. Choose a main character
  6. While you may be dealing with historical events and so not necessarily required to focus on any one character, it can be helpful to tell your story from a limited number of perspectives. This helps to bring the event into focus, giving readers a taste of what it may be like had they been there themselves.

  7. Decide how you wish your story to end
  8. Before placing every fact into your paper, you should first consider how you wish the story to end. With this clear in your mind, you can better organize your events so they fall in place nicely, allowing your story to progress smoothly.

  9. Tie in the necessary information to make your story complete
  10. At the end of every story, readers wish to feel complete, with a firm understanding of everything they have just read. Make sure your stated facts and events all follow logically from one to the other, making it easier for your readers to follow you story.

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