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A Brief Guide To Writing A Reflection Essay About Yourself

Writing about oneself can be tricky, its hardly the case where one knows exactly how to start. These essays sometimes demand in dept descriptions about one’s personal experiences so it is important to maintain a clear line between objective facts and personal opinions.

To begin writing any essay, one should always make use of the basic framework for constructions of any paper. This general format, plus the author’s personal touch, helps to create an engaging story while getting the information to the readers in a clear manner. The following is a simple guideline to writing a reflection essay about yourself:

  1. Select a period of time or event
  2. Now you must first consider that you have been with yourself for your whole life so you are more or less familiar with your experiences. It is simply not possible to write about all of your experiences so you must begin by selecting a time period or a theme that you would like to focus on. Doing this will allow you to give a shape to your story making it more complete and engaging to your readers.

  3. Formulate a simple hypothesis
  4. While this is not a research project, a simple statement at the start will help guide your focus in the right places, or at least, to very specific places, allowing you to gather and present your information more effectively.

  5. Describe the event in detail
  6. Now that you know where your focus should be, begin by setting the scene, describing the environment and people where the event takes place, this will help set the mood for the readers, allowing them to better experience the story you are telling.

  7. Present you summary of the entire experience from your point of view
  8. After giving your readers the facts, you should also state how you saw the event from your own point of view and what meaning it had for you. This will complete the picture giving readers the opportunity to formulate their own opinions on the event, while being aware of yours.

  9. Show how your hypothesis is true
  10. Now that you have provided all relevant bits of information, you may proceed to explaining why your original hypothesis is true, this will help wrap up the story nicely.

  11. End with the theme of your story
  12. People are always searching for deeper meaning and most would appreciate if your story holds one of its own.

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