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Writing an Introduction to an Essay Paper

Objective of an introduction:

An introduction is the first paragraph the reader is going to read, therefore the introduction should be captivating and well structured. Failing these basic points will result in the reader getting distracted from the main content. Note that even if you have prepared an enthralling main body the reader will lose interest if the introduction is not proper. The following points must be followed while writing a compelling introduction:

  • Use sentences to captivate the reader
  • Indicate how the main body will develop
  • Keep sentences short and precise
  • Indicate the direction and scope of the report
  • Indicate your conclusion and view through the introduction

Content of your Introduction:

It is important to understand that while writing the content of the introduction nothing should be concealed. Unlike suspense books, essay papers must have an introduction without any suspense or withheld information. The introduction should be an outline of the complete report or essay. Another point to remember is to logically develop your ideas. The introduction should be written so that the essay is easy to understand and follow. Just throwing in ideas does not make a good introduction. Weave the thread of thoughts for better understanding.

Make sure you show the readers the broader framework of your topic and the reason to discuss it. Make your essay relevant in the eyes of the reader.

Create an outline in the introduction to guide the readers through the essay. A short essay map will be useful for readers to understand what to expect from the essay.

Finally, it is necessary for you to state your view or conclusion within the introduction. Do not try to write a full-fledged conclusion within the introduction. Hinting the conclusion will be subtle.

The Structure of the Introduction:

The introduction should always start with a very general view. This is usually the broader concept of the essay. A few sentences into the introduction, the focus of the subject must get deeper. Engross the reader with a quotation or saying from prominent figures. Create a map for the reader to understand the development of ideas. Finally state the thesis or main idea of the essay.

Length of the introduction:

The basic thumb rule for an introduction length should be more than one-twelfth and less than one-tenth of the word count of the essay. But since this is just a thumb rule, it depends on the situation and the writer.

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