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How to compose easy cause and effect essay topics

Cause and effect essays are the type of essays in which a certain cause is given and you have to discuss its effect in particular and in general. A cause an effect essay can be approached in two ways. Either you take a cause and discuss its effects or you take a situation and start discussing its causes in your essay. When you read an essay, it is not easy to tell which approach the writer took. The most vital part of a cause and effect essay is the topic you choose. If the topic of your essay is strong, you can easily build an essay by researching relevant material and adding valuable information to it. However, if you choose a topic that is too broad, you will lose your focus and the essay will be in a mess. Here are a few good examples of cause and effect essay topics:

  • The effect of a person on your life ( you can specify the person e.g. a friend, parent, teacher, celebrity)
  • Why you chose to study in a certain institute
  • The effects of passive smoking
  • Why is the world experiencing extreme temperature?
  • Why students cheat in exams?
  • The causes of noise pollution
  • Effect of injustice on individuals
  • What can be the effect of peer pressure?
  • Why is our economy experiencing a recession/boom?
  • What are the effects of air pollution?

If you read the above examples carefully, there are both the approaches used in them. When you select a topic of your essay, make sure that you have selected something you are comfortable writing about and will not get stuck in the middle. If we look at one of these topics, for instance we will understand how to structure the topic of the essay.

Consider “why is our economy experiencing a recession/boom?” In this topic, the reader will find a definition for economic boom/recession and then reasons why the economy is in a certain situation. The reasons are the causes. You will discuss each cause one by one. For instance, war is a reason for economic recession, so this becomes your cause. Then you will explain the effect of this cause on the economy, and how this led to economic recession. Once you have successfully discussed one reason you can then move to another.

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