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How to write a catchy conclusion

A conclusion is a small section of any written literature but it plays a very significant part in the totality of the work. A reader will remember the conclusion more than the actual content of the essay or paper. It, therefore, has to be catchy and reflect the entire content of the written work.

Most written work discusses on issues and challenges being faced in society or they answer philosophical questions. When you are writing a conclusion, it is important to stress the relevance of the thesis statement, to cliché the content of the essay and leave an impression on the reader. There are two methods commonly used to conclude written work:

  1. Suggestions
  2. Suggestions are your own personal view to the problem and the solution you might recommend to it. In a conclusion, you can also state the importance of the content and the impact it can have on the reader. This will leave a lasting impression on the reader and they are likely to remember the content. A way to do this is by:

    1. Synthesize the content
    2. A conclusion should connect the content of the essay or article to give it a holistic meaning. Integrating every paragraph in the conclusion will give the reader a deeper meaning of your work and clarity on the reader’s part.

    3. Challenge your reader
    4. This is a good technical in case you want to leave the reader in suspense. It is important to provoke the mind of the reader to come up with solutions to the problems you have indicated. You must take care not be vague because this will make your work to seem reckless and incomplete. Using a rhetorical question is a more effective way of ensuring you indulge your reader on the challenges faced in the essay without creating an impression of negligence and incomplete essays.

  3. Strategies
  4. Strategies are used when the reader mentions problems and offers a solution in the content. In the conclusion, you can apply different approaches. Reiterating what the content entails can be a good strategy to jog the readers’ memory on points that are discussed. Challenging the reader to offer solutions to the problems highlighted can also serve as a good conclusion. This will help them think about the content and in that, the reader internalises the content.

Conclusions are therefore a vital part of any essay and they should add weight on the content in order to have a lasting impact on the reader. Always take them seriously.

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