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How To Choose Unique Compare And Contrast Essay Topics

The chances of picking a completely unique compare and contrast essay are relatively small, due to the fact that there are millions of students all around the world who will have needed to write similar essays in the past and, therefore, may well have written about any title that you think to write about.

However, whilst it may be difficult to think of a unique title, you can certainly make the content unique. Equally, you can look at the two different things that you are comparing from a different angle to other people.

Ultimately, you want to pick something that is relatively different to what other people may be choosing to write about from your class, and this will help you to stand out.

Using brainstorming techniques to think of topic titles

A great way of come up with good titles to use for your paper is to use brainstorming techniques. There are various different techniques that you can use, including using things like spider diagrams and other forms of diagrams; however, one of the most important things is to simply write down as much as possible.

In fact, it is a good idea to spend 10 or 15 minutes writing down any ideas that come into your head. Do not be afraid to write them down in case they look silly, just get everything down that you think of.

You can then go through these ideas later on and then rule out any ideas that you don’t like the sound of; however, it is entirely possible that you note down an idea that you think is no good at the time but then you later come to really like it.

In fact, it might be that you come up with an idea that isn’t quite perfect as it is, but with a few minor adjustments, it could be ideal or, alternatively, it might give you inspiration to think that different idea which you would not otherwise have done so. Talking of inspiration, feel free to look at the list of ideas below:

  • Compare and contrast American football and rugby
  • Compare and contrast the Italian Mafia and the Yakuza
  • Compare and contrast hip hop and rock music
  • Compare and contrast women’s fashion with men’s fashion
  • Compare and contrast physics and biology
  • Compare and contrast public transport and private transport
  • Compare and contrast prison rates in the United States with other Western countries
  • Compare and contrast homicide rates in the United States with Switzerland
  • Compare and contrast laptops and tablets
  • Compare and contrast PC computer games with console games

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