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How to write a proposal paper: useful tricks you've been looking for

Writing a good proposal takes more than just written skills. It requires marketing tactics and a good know-how of the target audience. Proposal writing is a must for any professions including business, management, school and online working. The most important step is to identify your target audience and highlighting the points that will develop their interest. The biggest mistake people make while writing a proposal is that they focus on their specialties. The approach to writing a proposal should be what’s in it for you, rather than taking the “I” approach.

Useful tips for a good proposal

  • Address the issue
  • A good proposal must be able to address the issue n concern and then providing your solution for the problem. You should be able to stay brief and precise. An overly long proposal will only distract your readers and it is most likely that they will divert away from your proposal.

  • Include the timeline
  • Do not include vague statements like “I can solve your problem” it is an open ended statement and does not give the reader a clue that how long will you take to solve their problem. Give them an accurate timeline about their problem. You should tell them whether it will take you a week, a month or longer than that to help solve their problem.

  • Focus on your audience
  • You need to know your audience well before you actually write down a proposal for them. You should know who they are, what their business is aimed on, what their corporate culture is, who their competitors are and what their strengths are. If you are bidding a business then you should first carry out a SWOT analysis.

  • Stylize your proposal
  • You need to know who your audience is and what they want from you. You have to be sure whether you can use less common terminologies and will your reader understand them. The overall look and feel of your proposal matters a lot.

  • Follow an outline
  • The first step to your proposal should be making an outline. You don’t have to include it in your proposal though but, it is important to have a pattern. The proposal must be able to identify the issue, give your solution to the issue, explain why you are the best choice, how are you better than others and finally a conclusion.

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