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What Is The Best Way To Write A Rhetorical Essay?

You get homework assignments on a given topic in a certain class to get research and information about something. You write about what you have learned. Sometimes you form feelings and opinions about what you are doing research on. You develop a passion about it. This depends on the class it is for. As you throw a rhetoric spin on it, you are adding your take on it.

When You Get to Persuade Your Class to Look at Things a Certain Way

No matter what you essay topic is, you have a chance to speak your mind on it. You're going to take all of that information you studied on, and as you decide what you think about it, you inform your audience while encouraging them to think a certain way. It's really not a wrong or right way. It's the way you approach what you are trying to tell them to see. You get to use your thoughts. If it is about history, you get to explain how it was. You say whether it was negative or positive and how you think it could continue to go in the direction you think is positive or negative.

Everyone has an opinion on what they think about what they hear. They are learning something. They can either express it in a positive way or a negative way. Hopefully, you express it in a way that brings awareness, a solution or invites solutions.

The beauty of a rhetorical situation encourages feeling and opinions to turn into actions from anyone.

  • Doing something to help a situation.
  • Changing bad habits to make better ones take place.
  • Getting awareness out about a good cause.

If you look at what looking at things from a rhetorical perspective means, it means encouraging people to feel or act a certain way that you want them to about a cause or situation. Use a rhetorical situation for good. Briefly try and get people to do nice things and be more polite to others. This is just the tip of the iceberg. A rhetorical set up can also be used to make people feel guilty. That is not always necessary. It depends on what the assignment is about. In a rhetorical essay, you just want to give others another way of looking at things. Entice them to feel or see things from a different point of view.

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