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A List of Powerful Process Essay Topics
 for Your Academic Paper

Process essays are really “how to” essays. They take the reader through the process of trying to do something, preferably something significant. Great topics that yield themselves well to process essays are projects which have enough steps for the length of essay you are trying to write.

For example, if you are just writing a five paragraph essay, you don’t want a project with a lot of steps and complexities – because you only have three paragraphs to explain it, plus the introduction and conclusion.

If you are writing a longer process essay, say a four page essay, you can pick a more complex topic for your essay, perhaps preparing a special dish popular in your culture that you could explain the steps of one by one. Another great topic that is somewhat creative like this are arts and crafts topics. Perhaps you know how to crochet a beautiful scarf or sweater, and you could explain this to the reader throughout your essay. Perhaps you know how to make a ship in a bottle or do egg art. Such crafts would be fun topics as well.

How to do something you know how to do well also yields a great essay. You could advise someone on how to become better at something you do well from ice skating to playing tennis. You could tell someone how to build up their running pace and distance over time. You could tell someone how to become a greater rollerblader or ballet dancer—anything you know how to do well and can tell someone how to do better.

Technology that you know can also yield great topics—even fun technology. How to play Minecraft, for example, is a process essay topic that would be fun. How to create your own blog or website might make another good topic.

Here are some fun process essay topics you might try:

  1. How to Paint Your Own Pottery –Some Creative Ideas
  2. How to Paint Your Room Inventively: Some Creative Ideas
  3. How to Play Minecraft and Play it Well
  4. How to Become Neater—Some Steps
  5. How to Make Perfect Marinara Sauce
  6. How to Take the Perfect Vacation With Your Family
  7. How to Start Your Own Website
  8. How to Create a Great Facebook Page
  9. How to Learn to Play the Flute
  10. Skydiving: A Process Anyone Can Do—If They’re Brave

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