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How To Create A Great Essay About Friendship - Advice For Students

Writing an essay on friendship is a unique experience. Even though this assignment doesn’t require that you do deep research and explore the question in credible sources, it isn’t as simple as that. Your personal experience is the only source you can refer to in the process of work, and you should make the most of your writing potential to successfully cover the topic. The following advice will help you craft a strong paper on friendship:

  • Decide what you want to write about.
  • It is vital that you focus on an interesting aspect of this general topic in your paper. The reason is simple: it is practically impossible to clearly define the meaning of “friendship”. Moreover, your teacher will definitely appreciate if you pick an original theme for your essay. Reflect on the subject. Are you a good friend? Why do friendships break? What qualities do you admire in your friend or what qualities do you consider to be annoying? Do you believe in eternal friendship? When do we hate friends?

  • Be personal.
  • Don’t be shy to share your personal beliefs and feelings on the issue. Think about the past. Undoubtedly, you have experienced lots of different situations with your friends and have both positive and negative memories on the topic. Think about the people around you. Perhaps, you have witnessed similar situations in their lives as well and want to explain how you perceive them. All your thoughts and reflections on the topic may successfully be used to support your thesis.

  • Make your essay precise and organized.
  • You may have great ideas about your friendship topic. However, if your paper isn’t well-organized, it will be impossible to convey them to the reader effectively.

    • Outline at least three main points that should be used to support your thesis and present them in separate body paragraphs. Start with the weakest point and leave the strongest one for the last.
    • Introduce your topic with a brief personal story on the issue. Don’t forget to state your thesis in the introduction.
    • Wrap up your paper in the conclusion. It shouldn’t be just a boring summary. Make sure that you provide some food for thought here as well.
    • Write in a clear language. If you give preference to simple words and sentences, it’ll be easier to deliver the message to your reader.

As you can see, writing an essay on friendship is not only a manageable task but also a great experience that will help you better understand yourself and others.

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