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Academic tutorial how to write an intro paragraph for an essay

What is an introduction paragraph?

An intro paragraph is the most crucial part of your essay. It will set grounds for the rest of your essay and should:

  1. Be well written and well structured. Make sure the information it contains makes logical sense.
  2. Be reader friendly because your reader doesn’t know what you know. So you need to go easy on the vocabulary and the information. Too much information might confuse the reader, too little on the other hand might bore the reader to death. You need to know the kind of audience that’ll engage in your essay and then opt for the most suitable strategies.
  3. Be brief. Too long an introduction will automatically kill the suspense you’ve been trying to hold for the readers. Two pages are more than enough. You don’t want your intro to be larger than the essay itself.
  4. Contain information just enough to keep the reader intrigued. Information overload is bad!
  5. Be able to introduce the theme of your essay to those who don’t have a hint.

How to write an introduction paragraph?

  1. Start off with a much generalized line. For example, Heart attack is a very common problem in Pakistan. This will act as a supporting title for your essay.
  2. You need to draft a thesis statement which for your introduction. This statement has to be both generic yet focused. It’ll serve as a pathway for your thoughts.
  3. Now start adding facts and stats to support your argument. But remember not to exaggerate the stats. Be precise.
  4. If you know of some historical event that fits well with your topic, be sure to narrate it. History will always engage the readers and enhance the credibility of your research.
  5. If you’re writing about some social cause, it’ll be more than okay to quote some famous celebrity. Readers will be thrilled!
  6. Don’t forget to include your original thoughts. If everything appears to come straight out of some newspaper or history book, chances are your reader will never understand your perspective.
  7. Once you’ve done all of this, organize all this information in a well structured manner.
  8. Proofread, and proceed to the next step. This is writing a body for your essay. Make sure all the components of your essay stay interconnected.

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