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Composing An Excellent Utopia Definition Essay: Basic Tips

The basis of the word utopia is from the Greek ou, or “not” and topos, or “place”. The definition most people know for this word is something you can only imagine, a paradise that exists only in the mind. On the other hand, a dystopia is a utopia where things have gone wrong, but is equally unrealistic. When you’re writing about a utopia, there’s an element of science fiction or fantasy to it, as both are normally set in a future where technology is being used for perfect living conditions.

If you’re writing about a particular novel such as The Giver, then you can defer to the rules of the world established in the text. Otherwise, utopian societies in general do share many of the same characteristics that you can mention in your definition essay. Keep reading for tips about composing this kind of essay, and how you can easily finish writing it.

Research tips for utopian essays

When you’re doing the research for this, it’s a good idea to seek multiple sources of information. You can do this by:

  • Visiting various libraries, including your school library and the public library
  • Interviewing authors of utopian novels, reading their notes or research regarding the novels, or speaking with a literature professor who knows a lot
  • Reading literary magazines or journals talking about the utopia society in novels
  • Looking in your textbook or at past assignments for ideas
  • Brainstorming with friends or classmates who are doing the same homework

Writing tips for utopian essays

The actual writing part of this essay isn’t that hard once you have everything else in place. You can follow the same basic format for papers that use an introduction, body and conclusion. It’s pretty simple to fill in the rest of the project after your research is in place and you’re able to introduce the topic in a meaningful way. Some people would argue that the introduction is the most important part of homework like this because it’s what your teacher reads first, and will set the tone for the entire project. Here are some more tips on structure:

  • The body needs to contain the bulk of your research and will be the longest section, pulling the weight of your arguments and opinions about the topic
  • The conclusion will probably be the shortest, summarizing the content and leaving the reader with something to think about

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