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I Need a Professional Advice to Explain What a Process Essay Is

A process essay is an essay that describes how to do something; alternatively, it can also describe how something happened. The trick to these types of essays are picking topics that are not too broad but not too narrow. Topics that are too broad can confuse the reader because there is just too much information to absorb. Topics that are too narrow do not offer enough information to make an adequate essay. How to turn on a water faucet would be an example of a topic that is too narrow for a process essay.

Tips to picking the right process essay topic

  • Be helpful
  • Avoid simplistic topics
  • Avoid topics that require a manual
  • Pick something that would interest the audience
  • Have at least one important step

The idea of a process essay is to offer insight to the topic you are writing your essay on. The information needs to be helpful and offer the reader information they do not know. This means avoiding topics that are simplistic. Most people already know how to make ice cubes, turn on a water faucet, and flip on a light switch. This would be boring and unhelpful to the reader. Dense topics can be a bad thing as well. How to fix the head gasket on a car requires a specified manual since the steps differ with every car. This would be too broad of a topic with far too much information

The topic should be entertaining and of interest to the reader. Simple and complex topics often make the reader skip over the essay to go do something that does interest them. You will want your audience to be interested in the subject. How to build a birdhouse in a few simple steps would be a good topic because it is informative and lets the reader know the steps are not complicated. You will want one of those steps to stand out so it is not just as important as the other steps.

The process essay is actually very easy; it describes how to do something or how and why something happened. It should be an interesting and helpful topic that is does not have too many steps yet has enough information to keep the reader interested. There should always be one step that sticks out to the readers and is more important than the other steps.

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