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What Characteristics Do Bullies And Victims Have? Who Are Bullies And Victims?

Bullying is a type of violent, reprehensible behavior that has a profound effect on both the bullies and their victims. One must understand the reasons behind it, and learn how to spot the aggressors and victims in order to stop and prevent this kind of behavior. Analyzing the reasons that push people into these roles proves that there are not many differences between bullies and victims. This must be taken into account when devising preventative methods.

Bullies are children with an aggressive personality. They have difficulties controlling their inhibitions, and perceive violence as an adequate reaction to a great variety of situations. However, one must not forget that this aggression must come from somewhere. There are reasons that make these children violent. Changing their behavior will be impossible without understanding these reasons. The vast majority of bullies become this way due to their family situations, combined with peer pressure. These children usually come from troubled families.

Those who become bullies usually step onto this path in order to gain attention and control. They lack both while at home, and as their families are often violent, they see this as the natural course of action to take when they are not provided the positive attention they think they deserve. These children simply do not know how to ask others for love and support, as they have never been provided with them. The problems they can experience while in school often trigger aggressive behaviors, as this is the only form of reaction they truly understand.

Victims of bullying have their own reasons that put them in these positions. Contrary to popular belief, they are not merely children who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. In some cases, this happenstance can explain a single act of bullying. However, studies show that victims usually suffer from repeated bullying that they face over and over again. This proves that their role in the “bully-victim” cycle is not random. People with a tendency to be victimized usually come from a similar home environment as their bullies. The difference in their situations is an inherent aptitude for aggression. While bullies choose this route to prove their self-worth, victims’ self-esteem is so low that they perceive the things that happen to them as being well-deserved.

In order to solve the problem of bullying, one must go to its origin. Both bullies and victims are children who do not receive enough love and support from their families and peers. The roles they fall into when growing older are merely a reflection of their personal insecurities.

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