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Why Do Men Have Affairs

Marital infidelity has existed for as long as marriage itself. Both men and women cheat on their spouses in equal frequency, but the reasons that push them towards this act are often different. Men are driven to start affairs due to their very nature, as this is what their genes dictate them to do.

Numerous studies of human behavior proved that genes influence people’s actions to a certain extent. In some cases, the influence is stronger, and some people may not feel it at all. However, even these people are guided by their nature through their subconscious. This primal pull shows itself in situations where instincts take over one’s behavior. These occurrences are usually triggered by some imminent danger or a great amount of stress. It is the male’s natural ambition to impregnate as many females as possible in order to allow their genes to live on. Therefore, a man’s drive to start an affair actually has a valid reason behind it. This reason is hidden in their genes, and its pull may be too strong to resist.

On the other hand, society has altered people’s perception of relationships and has made marriage a sacred union. Fidelity is an important requirement of this union, and people today are taught this from young age. This means that the nurtured believe men should be able to overpower the instincts to procreate with the maximum number of partners, unless pushed beyond a certain limit.

Biology is not the only reason that makes men start affairs. The vast majority of the factors that push them towards this decision stem from various psychological issues. An inferiority complex makes men seek the attention of multiple women, simply to prove to themselves that they can be attractive. Being unsatisfied by the marriage either emotionally or sexually is another important reason that makes affairs inviting. Although these cases are rare, some men start their affairs because of the genuine affections they feel for their mistresses. This type of relationship have the chance to develop to a point where a man will actually leave the family in order to turn the affair into a legal union.

The reasons that make men cheat are numerous and varied. It is almost impossible to determine the exact cause that makes a husband start an affair because many factors influence a person before he actually makes this decision. If a couple wants to save its marriage after infidelity has been discovered, they will need to face all these issues and address them one by one in order to resolve everything that has pushed them apart.

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