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Good Topics for Argument Essays to Sink Your Teeth Into

When you start writing your argument essay, you need good topics that you can really sink your teeth into. A good topic, of course, is one which not only fits within the parameters of your project, but is also something you really enjoy and can get deeply involved with. The more you enjoy the topic, the more research you will complete, and the better you will write. If you are looking for topics related to the field of business you can peruse these broad topic ideas and see if you can develop a relevant and interesting thesis from them:

  • The need for cyber security
  • The growth and impact of electronic business
  • Business ethics and whether they are getting better or worse
  • Online retail and its impact on traditional stores and traditional jobs
  • Whether the glass ceiling still exists
  • The growth of outsourcing and whether sites like fiverr should be considered illegal
  • White collar crime and whether the internet has aided the growth of it
  • What line should be drawn ethically with relation to companies based in first world countries using sweatshops in third world counties

With a broad topic in mind it is time to think of a thesis statement. The thesis statement needs to be a clear assertion, the backbone of your essay. It needs to be your main point, which you should present to the reader in your introduction.

The introduction needs to grab the attention of your reader right at the start. The introduction also needs to set up the argument that you are presenting, and tell the reader which side you are taking. Remember that the introduction should be a build up to the big argument. It should set the stage for your reader.

Note that your title and your introductory paragraph are two very important components. Both need to grab the attention of your reader. It is here that your reader will be intrigued and want to keep reading.

Each of your paragraphs need to focus on a single idea. So, if you have four ideas that support your side in the argument, then you should have four paragraphs in the body of your essay. Each paragraph should have a topic sentence, evidence, and concise writing. You want to expound upon the single idea in each paragraph. In the end, you want to exit the finished product by summarizing the arguments you made and the evidence you supported in your conclusion.

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