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What Is A Compare And Contrast Essay: Guidelines For Freshmen

As freshmen you will be introduced to a lot of new things this year that you will build onto further in later years. This year is when you learn the basics of certain things. You will be doing more essays in high school than you did in junior high school or middle school. It is no longer just about book reports. Now you will be expected to write all different kinds of essays such as a compare and contrast essay. So what do you do when writing a compare and contrast essay you ask. Here is a guide.

What to do

  • Compare two or more things to each other
  • Contrast two or more things to each other
  • Properly format the essay in a logical manner


You will compare the topics chosen or assigned to you to one another. Tell the reader how they are alike. What makes them the same in some ways? Why are they not as different as you think? You must show the reader what it is that these things or sets of things have in common. Make sure to state this clearly and make your points well.


To contrast is to show in what way things are different from each other. You point out all of the things that don’t make them similar, all of the things that set them apart from one another. This is the part of the essay where you tell the reader why the things are not like each other. It is that simple. Make sure to write well and clearly to make these points as well.


These are normally simple 5 paragraph essays. Sometimes you will be asked to format them specifically but otherwise they are in a simple format. You start with an introduction that gives the reader an idea of your topics and what they essay will entail. The body paragraphs are where the information, the actual comparing and contrasting, go. You will end with a conclusion that sums up all of your points and restates your introductory point in another way. If you have special format requirements then use them instead.

Compare and contrast essays are pretty simple ones. They allow the writer to describe the qualities of the topics and how they relate to one another. You explain how they are the same and how they are different.

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