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Trustworthy Sources With Essay Writing Help

Finding trustworthy sources online to help you with writing an essay can be difficult.  You have to weed through the sites that just want to write your work for you and other ones that have no idea how to write a proper essay.  I will tell you places where you can find essay writing help online that will help you craft your next essay.

Where To Find Trustworthy Sources

  • College And University Sites:  Most college and university sites have special sections that have samples and tell you how to construct an essay.  And you know that they are accurate because they are school sites.
  • Essay Writing Help:  This site has samples and explains how to write an essay.  The site goes through all the steps from start to finish on how to write an essay.
  • Shmoop Essay Lab:  This site doesn’t just have all you need to know about writing an essay but also has homework help for every subject you could think of and they even offer courses that you can take on their site.
  • Infoplease:  Inforplease’s writing skills section breaks up different types of essay and how to write one in general one.  This also has sections on book reports, research papers, grammar, and samples for reference.
  • Essay Punch:  If you are more of a hangs on learner than this is the site for you.  They have interactive tutorials that you can do to help you learn how to write an essay.
  • Purdue Owl:  Purdue’s English department has a site that has everything you need to know about writing an essay, including sections on different academic formats and tips on writing a great essay.
  • Tutors:  This site gives you the option to hire a tutor to help you with writing your essay and the first session is free, so you don’t have to pay unless you will need extra help and have a second pair of eyes looking over you work is better.

These are just some of the sites that are trustworthy sources that can help you write your essay.  Any of these site will help you write you essay and help you learn how to write an essay.  Learning how to write an essay is something that you will use a lot in school and learning how to do it the first time you do it will ensure that you won’t struggle next time you have to write one. 

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