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Citation Guidelines: How to Write a Play Name in an Essay

Writing a play name in an essay can be difficult but it is not impossible. In fact the name that you include in the play is cited based on the type of citation format you are using. The most popular formats include:

  • APA
  • MLA
  • Chicago
  • Harvard

Of these four the in-text citations and reference page citations vary. You should consult with each of the different style guides to determine how to properly cite the particular play you are writing about. If you are unsure you can ask your teacher to provide you with a sample.

In the meantime you can review this sample text for further insight into different ways to analyze a play in an essay.





Boomerang History

Invisibility takes shape in many forms but is always there in some fashion. In a way, the boomerang effect is real, in that the invisibility he feels always comes back around in some form or another. He believes that no one sees him for who he really is, but rather, that they see him as nothing more than a black man.

The protagonist states that white people don’t care about any other aspect which is why he now secretly hides in the room in the basement so that he can prepare for some action which will make him noticed. However, the protagonist also notes in his opening that outside factors do not change. Things from the outside will remain, but what is on the inside can change. Once what is on the inside changes, the outside will change.

In the third chapter, the war vet talks about how black men were expected to remain invisible by repressing thoughts and emotions and just taking orders from the white counterparts. This version of invisibility made the black men less human and therefore, invisible.

In the sixth chapter, the narrator discusses another form of invisibility which makes him powerless. He can’t help himself even when Dr. Bledsoe did not expel him because he could not protest the dishonest act since he had no authority. Not being in an authoritative position was yet another form of invisibility.

In chapter eight, the narrator thinks that there is equality between blacks and whites in New York but is then devastated to learn that blacks from the south are not recognized here either. The lack of recognition is yet another form of invisibility. But during chapter thirteen, the narrator speaks at the eviction and knowing that he can’t disappear within the crowd he begins to lose his invisibility to some degree.

By chapter fifteen, the narrator realizes that he is no longer as invisible as he thought when he can get by with the cast-iron bank which is broken. He can’t just drop it in the street or in a trash can without someone noticing because people recognize him everywhere he goes now. By the end of chapter seventeen the narrator is no longer invisible because the residents of Harlem and the city leaders recognize him. This was thanks to him taking a stand and changing on the inside, thereby shedding parts of his invisibility a bit at a time until he had a position within the Brotherhood which afforded him temporary power, a voice, and fame.

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