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5 Things to Know about the Layout for a Profile Essay

A profile essay can be interesting to write, because practically any subject can be researched in it. However, like any academic paper, it should have a precise structure that must be observed. If you are asked to compose a profile essay, you need to keep in mind several important points regarding its layout.

  1. Remember to observe and interview.
  2. The mentioned observation and interviewing are essential parts of a profile essay. These essays can talk about people, places and situations, but the latter ones are not merely described. They are interpreted by the author. Interpretation is the factor that makes the research unique.

  3. Involve your fellows.
  4. If you are composing a profile essay, it does not necessarily need to be dedicated to a person who is famous. You and your friend can write about each other or your relatives. All you need to do is prepare a range of interesting questions and arrange an interview. The answers you receive make up what is called dominant impression and profile interpretation. This way, you are improving your interviewing skills and also involving your fellows in the process.

  5. Use the advantage of interviewing.
  6. You should use the advantage of asking questions even if you are writing about places or events. In this case, you need to prepare questions for people, who are familiar to the place or have witnessed the event. You can add some additional information along with their words with the help of practical observation of the place and people who inhabit it, or of those who participate in the event.

  7. Keep in mind the dominant impression.
  8. A profile essay should involve precise details. The more precisely you describe your subject, the stronger the impression is on the reader. When speaking about a person, you can try to compose a portrait of this person; when speaking about a place, you can explain what it looks like and how it can affect a person’s emotions.

  9. Be accurate with original phrases.
  10. When speaking about a person, you can use any additional sources of information regarding this person. In the case that it’s a famous personality, you can even use anecdotes composed about this person. Still, if you are using quotations from your interview, it should be exactly what they have said, without any alternations. Compose a detailed layout to see whether everything is used appropriately and in its due place.

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