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How To Compose Interesting Topics For Process Essays

A process essay seeks to explain and interpret how something is done. The best process essays will reveal something about the person who is writing them, and their opinions and experiences as they relate to the topic under discussion. It's helpful if you are familiar with the subject that you choose for your process essay. Your tone should be somewhat authoritative, and you must demonstrate a good understanding of the topic under discussion.

As with any essay, creating a good outline will make writing the actual paper easier. Depending on the topic, you could compose your piece in a set sequence of steps or events. Sometimes presenting your essay in chronological order may yield better results. Be sure to define or clarify any terminology that your readers may not be familiar with.

Need help finding an interesting topic for your next process essay? Here are a few starting points:

The “How To” Approach To A Process Essay

Play the part of a professor. Explain how to go about doing or accomplishing something. Alternatively, you could approach the essay from the “how not to” angle and make it even more interesting! Examples could include:

  • How to find information on the internet.
  • How to hot wire a car
  • How not to get caught when you steal a car
  • How to get out of jail if you get charged with auto theft.

A Process That You Are Personally Familiar With

Think of something that you have a personal interest in; a sport, hobby or other diversion that entertains you. You can use that as the topic for your process piece.

  • The best way to fight off an assailant using ninja techniques
  • How a ninja is able to move silently
  • How you can earn your Private Pilot's License
  • How an airplane gets off the ground

An “Off The Wall” Process

Most instructors will allow you some latitude when they give you the option of coming up with your own topic for an assignment. It's probably best to get the OK from your teacher before proceeding with something super-strange. But it may make the exercise more interesting for both of you!

  • How to get your parents to pay your rent
  • How to get out of doing your homework
  • The best way to break up with your girlfriend
  • The best way to get out of paying a speeding ticket

As with any assignment, make sure you take the time to properly edit and proofread your final work. Good luck!

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