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A List of Interesting Research Essay Topics in Economics

Everyone loves money, but not everyone enjoys economics, which is puzzling yet understandable. (I’m so tempted to make an interest rate joke here-maybe later.) If you’re worried about finding an economic issue that is relevant, don’t be. Thanks to the banks, basically everybody is still poor, almost poor, “you poor thing”, or the wolf is at the door.

It’s easy to focus on money, but the broader focus falls under the umbrella of economics. The first step to understanding why you have no money is understanding economics. This is a research essay topic that kills two birds with one stone. For starters, it’s interesting to not only you but literally billions of others, and also it will hopefully make you realize that your interest in economics needs to stretch far beyond the amount of time allotted to complete this essay. The time for self-awareness is now.

It’s a given that today’s economy is global. But how did it happen?

Economic History

  • From Keynes to the IS/LM model, the topics are endless.
  • Explore economics from a political point of view, like Communism vs. Capitalism.
  • If you have taken both Macroeconomics and Microeconomics, now may be the time to prove it.

If you are more concerned with the contemporary issues that are affecting the economy, you won’t have any trouble finding those, either.

Today’s Global Economy

  • Poverty is nothing new, but with so much information available in the age of technology, everyone is aware of it. I can think of at least three separate topics right here, including whether the world is acting or reacting to world poverty in the digital age?; how is technology helping fight poverty?; will poverty be solved in the 21st Century.
  • Discuss the bottom line! The line between economics and what it means to the average person is becoming blurred, such that people with only a PayPal account need to be just as informed as those who are managing a scam-i mean-a hedge fund.

For our purposes in this article, the bottom line is simple. In today’s global economy, there are no shortage of interesting economic topics because of how important money has become and the way in which it has woven itself into the fabric of society. So if you aren’t particularly interested in economics out of curiosity, the instability of today’s world economy should make you pay attention out of concern.

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