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How Do I Write a Thesis Statement for an Essay in Under 20 Minutes?

Thesis statements are the core of any English essay. Rather, they are the center of any essay on any subject at all, from a one-page paper to entire academic books published. A thesis statement is somewhat hard to explain, and it is not exactly intuitive how they work and how you should insert them into your paper. However, that does not mean that it should be too hard to write one. Thesis statements are something you can come up with, if you are creative, in say under 20 minutes. This is something that can be done quickly as long as you are able to be decisive on what your paper is about.

The first question we must ask is what exactly is a thesis statement? In short, it is a sentence or two that states what your paper is about. There is a trap here, actually. While the thesis statement states what your paper is about, it is not merely the topic that you are discussing. Nor is it a list of bullet points that you are talking about. A thesis statement is just that, a statement. It is a fact or contention that you are trying to prove, with the evidence being the rest of your essay. A thesis statement is the form that your essay is built upon.

Writing a thesis quickly is still possible, however. The first question you must ask yourself is why are you writing this paper? You should have a number of facts and ideas in your head, what are they all saying? Write down what you think about your topic. Pick a sentence, any sentence. Is this something you think you can prove? Is it something that is not trivial? If it is trivial or difficult to prove with the resources you have, get another sentence until you find something that you can use. Once you do, tweak it a bit and you will have a thesis statement.

There are a couple things you should take care to do if you want your thesis statement to be good in addition to being fast. Speak with conviction. This is very important, there is no use beginning a thesis statement with “I think...” or “I feel...” or “It is likely that...” It is a thesis statement, so it should be worded like a statement. Also, make sure that you build an introduction around your thesis statement in a way that is pleasing to the eyes.

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