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Pathology Related With Radiography

In the field of science, Pathology is the study of disease and the impact this disease may have on your body. Radiography is a process when imaging is used, such as x-rays, to explore the internal aspects and dimensions of a person’s body. Pathology and Radiography can work together to locate a diseased area, see what body changes have resulted due to the diseases, and to monitor and maintain the diseased body.

A patient who may be suffering from pain in his or her hips may go to the doctor for help. He may request an x-ray or MRI. The radiologist will use his tools to see why this patient has hip pain. The field of radiography can help determine the source of the patient’s pain. If x-rays are taken, then the imaging can further be explored by the primary doctor to see what steps next need to be taken.

In continuing with the hip pain scenario, once the primary doctor along with an orthopedic specialist have decided the treatment for the hip pain, then the progress of the treatment can be documented through the radiography. If an oral medication was described, and the condition continues to deteriorate, then new choices about a cure can be made. If a decision to operate on the hip is made then the radiography can continue to further play a role in the patient’s surgery.

If the orthopedic surgeon, after counseling with the primary surgeon, decides to do a metal-on-metal hip replacement, the post-op process is important. As the patient works his way through a recovery and therapy phase, the radiography will monitor the progress. He will look to make sure the hip is not weak, there is correct healing, and that the therapy is going as desired.

Radiography and pathology work hand-in-hand to make the patient’s diagnosis and disease discovery, in addition to the surgery and recovery process of a disease, go smoothly for a patient. The primary doctor and orthopedic doctor also benefit greatly as they can develop the correct plans for the patient’s problem as well as his cure. Each step of the way, the radiographic technologist, can keep all parties involved apprised of the current situation of the disease. All progress and regress of a disease can be observed. The two fields work together to locate a disease, view the changes from the disease, and monitor the disease.

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