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Heuristics in Business: Logical Shortcuts

Heuristics refers to finding solutions to a problem or issue with trial and error. You may not be clear on what may happen if you implement a plan, but the best way to find out if it works is to try it. In some cases, you may be inclined to try something based on evidence presented before you. You may have an idea on what you think will happen, even though there is a risk it may go in the other direction. In business, this concept is commonly practiced with some having good outcomes. Others may have outcomes leading to a disaster, loss or huge hit being taken by the company.

Coming up with logical shortcuts in business will involve strategizing. People within the business will need to discover the best way to find a shortcut that will work. This is basically something done when a problem occurs or when they want to streamline processes to make things easier for employees. Many businesses will do this based on experience and common sense. A number of policies and regulations are based on similar concepts because they take little time to improvise.

Businesses with fast past demands and operations may rely on heuristics related solutions. With short cutting you need to be sure the idea is realistic or it can cause problems. If you do not logically think about the concept before implementing it, an important element can get lost in the matrix. Some businesses may encourage employees to come up with solutions that will make a difference. Larger companies may not have the time or patience to oversee and monitor each solution. But, this is part of the risk most businesses take on in stride. In other cases, just because a solution was created it does not guarantee it will solve the problem.

Also known as lateral thinking, businesses could have a special group of people to handle related concepts for shortcuts. These individuals would need to know the ins and outs of the company. They would need to understand what could happen and be willing to accept responsibility if things fail. Some shortcuts can be temporary depending on the situation, which could be why companies are willing to implement them on a trial basis. For the most part, most businesses want their employees to learn from this type of experience as it promotes better problem solving abilities in the future.

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