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How to Brainstorm Original Essay Writing Ideas

Brainstorming is a common method used by writers to find and sort raw ideas into something you can write about. The method includes having a thinking session in which you jot down ideas and later eliminate those you have no interest in. When doing this you want to pay attention to ideas that standout and seem different or out of the ordinary. At the same time you want original content that is interesting and thought provoking. Some students like to do this task independently but you can have similar sessions with your peers to collect more ideas. The following points offer basic insight behind the concept of generating original ideas with brainstorming.

  • Start with a random idea that pops into your mind and write it down. This can be a general idea or subject. In most cases this will be something broad that you can break down into smaller ideas. For example, weather can be your subject and you would write down other concepts and ideas related to it to break it down such as rain, thunderstorms, road conditions, sunshine, moon, and other words or sentences that pop up.
  • Based on what you have written, what else comes to mind? Write it down as well. You can make a diagram to help you connect your thoughts to your main idea or subject. Take a few minutes to write down ideas as they pop up in your head based on what you have written down. Repeat this process for a good five minutes and see how many ideas you can come up with.
  • After a few moments go back over what you wrote and think about it. Once you have completing writing and note taking, read over your ideas. Think about what you came up with and see what you could use as a potential topic for your essay.
  • Start eliminating ideas. What you don’t like cross off on the paper. You may want to start doing light research on ideas you like to see what you can make into a solid topic. If you find you do not like any ideas you have left over, you may need to do a brainstorming session over again to come up with new ideas.
  • Conduct light research if needed and define your main idea or thesis statement. Once you have settled on an idea work on defining your purpose behind the essay.

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