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Brainstorming Strong Ideas For Your Cause And Effect Essay

If you want to enjoy writing a cause and effect essay, you should choose a challenging topic. This way, you’ll really have to invest some work into the project, but it would be a very fulfilling experience.

Remember that the topic for an academic paper must be relevant and educational. Think of what the people who will read your essay are most interested in. Of course, you also need to like the subject or it will be difficult to work on this assignment. However, your audience should be your major consideration when choosing a topic.

You also shouldn’t forget about the scope of your topic. Think of the word count requirements and do some research. Is there enough material on the subject for you to write a good paper without any filler content? Beware of choosing a topic that is too wide as you will not be able to cover it properly, so your work will seem shallow.

Here are a few suggestions you can use if you can’t decide on a good cause and effect essay topic:

  1. International agreements and nuclear issues.
  2. How does breastfeeding help prevent allergies in children?
  3. Can using solar and wind power remove the need to use coal?
  4. Social media cause deterioration of the English language.
  5. Using cell phones improves relationships within families.
  6. Real causes of terrorism.
  7. The effects of online dating on society.
  8. Credit cards and debts: effects on the country’s economy.
  9. How does urbanization affect ecology?
  10. The effect of a girl’s relationship with her father on her relationship with her husband in the future.
  11. Does attending college affect people’s marriages?
  12. The causes of teenage rebellion and its effects on personality development.
  13. Social effects caused by the aging of baby boomers.
  14. Growing up in poverty: effects on children.
  15. Why do people willingly become hobos?

As this is a cause and effect essay, you will need to conduct extensive research in order to support your analysis of the topic. Focus on facts and official reports. Don’t forget to address the arguments of the opposing side if you feel the need to prove your views further. However, don’t insult your opponents.

It’s best to remember that your teachers may not agree with your views, so you need to present any arguments in an impartial manner and only rely on logic and evidence to support them. Academic papers don’t need to be emotional, so be sure to stay formal when you present your ideas.

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