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Tips on How to Write a Synthesis Paper From Scratch

Being a student is never an easy task, and now on top of the reading and other assignments that are already have, a synthesis paper has been assigned.  No matter if you have written one before you must create one from scratch.  It might seem stressful or overwhelming.  But once you know exactly what a synthesis paper is, you can create one with ease.  But if you still need help here is a series of tips to complete a synthesis paper from scratch.

A synthesis essay or paper is a essay paper that creates connections between at least two works.  This type of paper shows or creates a relationship between two works.  This paper is not a summary of two works, but how these two works are alike and different.  It is your job to create a new knowledge out of knowledge that already exists, meaning the works you are writing about.


  • Create an outline
  • The first thing you want to do when creating a paper from scratch is make an outline.  Focused on what you want to say, how you are building the relationship.  Then when you follow this outline, you’ve made an easy guide to writing a synthesis paper.

  • Make a strong thesis statement.
  • Your thesis statement is the entire structure of the paper.  It should point out the information you will be presenting and be drawn back to several times in the paper.  A big problem students have is they create a thesis statement and the deviate away from it.  

  • Organize research
  • As the writer, you want to lead the reader down a specific path of thinking.  You want them to see the connection you’ve made between the two or more works. It is the job of the writer, to make the path from point A to point B.

  • Be Specific
  • Being vague is not good in any paper you write, so as you make the connections between the works you are writing about.  The writer has to make very precise and defined connections.

As you are creating your synthesis paper from scratch, you have to create a layout and using the tips above can help you make the layout.  When you create the strong thesis, you have given your paper a focus, when you use specific and organized research you can move your reader into the thought process you want them to follow.  Remember that each new point or thought receives a new paragraph.   Following these tips will help you create a synthesis paper from nothing, and make it a worthy and focused read.  

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